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Yoga Pants video!

New Video for Yoga Pants! After months of hard work, we finally have honed all our ninja and samurai moves to make this video available for you. Enjoy and share amongst friends, coworkers and neighborhood dudes with chainsaws.

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Free Yoga Pants Download!

Come get your free download of Yoga Pants !

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Our Alter Ego

Our good friend Courtney in Seattle sent this email… Mike, Seriously. Watch it all the way through. Jake is CLEARLY the main dude, and you, with your red beard, are CLEARLY the guy who pops up next to him. You must cover this. If performed live, I could be the guy at the very end. […]

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Top Seven reasons to vote for Super Adventure Club as band of the month on the Deli Magazine

We were just featured on the front page of the Deli Magazine today, which is very nice. They had some lovely things to say about us as we are in the running for their band of the month poll. So we thought we’d give all of you some extra incentive… Top Seven reasons to vote […]

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Thanks to novelist, songwriter Rick Alan for writing such nice stuff about us guys on his site RARWRITER.COM Check out the link for “Artist News” and scroll down a bit to read his very kind words about us…. or you can read them here… Michael Winger, left, identifies himself as “Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, B Movie […]

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Thanks for rocking with us at the Cafe Du Nord!

We had a very super time rocking with all of you on wednesday at the Cafe Du Nord. We will be adding more love and exciting pictures of the show in the next day or so. Speaking of which, if you have some photos, add them to flickr and we’ll post them on the site […]

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The Deli Magazine SF spreads the love of the internets

Much thanks to the Deli SF for big props on their internets today. A nice link to super high budget video “Former Ladies of the Cold War” and a welcome heads up for the show we’re playing June 18 at Cafe Du Nord. If you want to be on the mailing list for future updates, […]

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Super Adventure Club wants YOU!

We are in the process of recording a new album and we want your input. Please post any suggestions for the name of our new album in the comments section below. Winners will receive a piece of chewing gum, a broken shoelace and something better than either of those things, but it’s late and I […]

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Secrets of World Domination sent right to your inbox… It's the Super Adventure Club Mailing List

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Mexican Gun Fight FREE download now on MySpace sexy social website place.

In the spirit of much givings of love to the people that give love to us, much like swapping spit at a swap meet, we now offer free download of our smash hit Mexican Gun Fight! In the spirit of everything is free on the internet we present this humbling offering like a virgin lamb […]

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