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Jakes on a Plane!

Jake’s on a motherf*in plane!

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Headed to Spain

Heading to Spain today.Flying via Amsterdam to Madrid with our first show on Thursday in Vitoria. We will keep you posted with much photo and videographic souvenirs. So here is an airplane

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Elbo Room – Mon, Jan 5th

It’s our last show before we go on tour! Come celebrate and Kick it con nosotros!

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Mastering the new album with Michael Romanowski

Behold! The mastering engineer in the kingdom of sound!

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Jake eats chips!

Jake at taqueria reina

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Super Adventure Club Rocks the Apple Store in San Francisco

Thanks to everybody who came out and braved the lines to¬† get into the Apple Store for our show on Friday evening. We had a blast playing in the Mecca of all things Mac. We both use PowerBooks for all the electronic sounds we generate (but never a sequencer!) so it was nice to go […]

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More shots from the Cafe Du Nord

Thanks to Chelsea for the iPhone shots from Cafe Du Nord.

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Busy being rock stars

We must apologize for our lack of communication this month. We have been very busy being rock stars. The studio beckons. The appointments with fashion consultant were so pressing. The new island we bought needed many visitings. We are back now and plan to do much rocking for you. Here is a picture of much […]

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Super Adventure Club rocks Cafe Du Nord

Much Rocking to be had at Cafe Du Nord last weekend. Thanks to all who came and sorry for the long pauses between updates… we have been busy, holed up in the Super Adventure Club underground lair, putting the finishing touches on our new plans for world dominations… please stay tuned. Also, we don’t really […]

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Super Adventure Club pulls an all nighter at Broken Radio Studio

Much rockings to be had in the cozy excellence of the big room at Broken Radio studio. Here’s our fearless heroes in full action photo-being-taken mode We are accepting comments on the beard and the mohawk. Vote for your favorite!

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