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Video Sneak Peek! At The Site Recording in Marin County

We’ve spent a few days of the last month sequestered away at the super secret yet legendary recording studio “The Site” up in scenic Marin County, CA. It’s a particularly idyllic spot to work as you can see in the video here. We were quite fortunate (and very grateful) to work with equally legendary producer […]

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Recording Parlez Vous Amour

Finally edited together some takes of last year’s studio foray when we tracked half the songs for the album √ľntz in one night. Our friend Rob Cross from Weather Pending helped out for the start of the night and shot all the video you see here. You can tell it’s an early version of the […]

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Mastering the new album with Michael Romanowski

Behold! The mastering engineer in the kingdom of sound!

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Yoga Pants Sneak Peak

Witness firsthand the first broadcast of the very poorly placed Super Adventure Club Action Webcam! [youtube][/youtube]

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Super Adventure Club wants YOU!

We are in the process of recording a new album and we want your input. Please post any suggestions for the name of our new album in the comments section below. Winners will receive a piece of chewing gum, a broken shoelace and something better than either of those things, but it’s late and I […]

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Hottest Hotline Messages Ever Ever.

Our fans love us so much that they call our hotline and proclaim their love with sounds of serenading romance. Want to spread the love like Man-aise? Call our hotline: (415) 651-8728

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Super Adventure Club pulls an all nighter at Broken Radio Studio

Much rockings to be had in the cozy excellence of the big room at Broken Radio studio. Here’s our fearless heroes in full action photo-being-taken mode We are accepting comments on the beard and the mohawk. Vote for your favorite!

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