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Super Adventure Club wants YOU!

We are in the process of recording a new album and we want your input. Please post any suggestions for the name of our new album in the comments section below. Winners will receive a piece of chewing gum, a broken shoelace and something better than either of those things, but it’s late and I […]

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Super Adventure Club rocks Cafe Du Nord

Much Rocking to be had at Cafe Du Nord last weekend. Thanks to all who came and sorry for the long pauses between updates… we have been busy, holed up in the Super Adventure Club underground lair, putting the finishing touches on our new plans for world dominations… please stay tuned. Also, we don’t really […]

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Hottest Hotline Messages Ever Ever.

Our fans love us so much that they call our hotline and proclaim their love with sounds of serenading romance. Want to spread the love like Man-aise? Call our hotline: (415) 651-8728

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Super Adventure Club Action Figure!

Very proud we are of our super fan base for creating the first ever Super Adventure Club Action Figure! Thanks Andi!

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Former Ladies of the Cold War – VIDEO NOW!


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The newest Super Adventure Club website in the whole world wide web

Welcome to newest Super Adventure Club website. This is much newer than the old website, which was getting old. So we trashed it. Trashing old things is sometimes the best way. Unless you are one of the old things. But our old website is still around somewhere acting like a pesky old man on the […]

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